Another New Chapter

Happy Birthday to…


This month I celebrated a birthday, one of the “Big Ones,” and it prompted a fair bit of reflection. After becoming a teacher almost 35 years ago, I’ve enjoyed an interesting and rewarding career in education. For the past 5 years, I’ve worked with two software companies helping schools with curriculum mapping, data analytics and writing. These have been great experiences and align with lots of the software design I’ve done as a consultant since leaving the classroom.

At this stage of my career and life, I want to pursue a new chapter where I can take advantage of everything I’ve learned and have developed some expertise in. A few things are in the works and the exact path should be clearer soon, but for now I want to dig back into some of my favorite lessons and contribute some learning activities. I’ll post everything here, but if you’re keen and not already subscribed, you can join the Updates Newsletter to get special access.

In closing, I spent the month of August in Tucson, Arizona with my sister and her family. After three and a half years being knocked around by Chemo treatments for ovarian cancer, my amazing sister headed to her next adventure. She’s on my mind as take these next steps myself.

2 thoughts on “Another New Chapter”

  1. Hi, Tom!
    Happy Birthday!
    I have confirmed my subscription just now. I want you to know that I find your research most helpful in my teaching English to university students. I have tried out the WebQuest format and students think it’ very motivating. Lately l’ve been implementing Look to Learn format, it is also a great success. I’ be been adding my own creative on-line formats, such as Listen to Learn and am currently introducing Creative on-line tasks for developing students writing skills. I’m using Google Forms a great deal.

    I’m planing to attend an international conference in March in Spain ( Valencia) to share my experience. I’m always following you most wonderful updates.
    Please take care,

    Try to stay in good health
    With much love

    • Dear Elena,

      Nice to hear from you and all the great things you’re doing with Web-based resources and learning strategies. I think Google Forms are a terrific and easy way to engage students and get immediate feedback / insights on their thoughts and learning.
      Great that you’re going to Valencia. I though about that, but it’s a bit far from Aussie 🙁

      I’d be happy to beam into your university class via a Google Hangout if you can think of something useful to come of it.

      All the best and more coming soon!

      Cheers, Tom


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