Free Workshops – Looking for Your Interests

I’m using this poll to gather input on a series of free workshops to be held in the eastern states of Australia. I will also create videos / webinars to share online for the 3 most popular, so vote away!
Also, use the comments link to share other topics you’re interested in.

3 thoughts on “Free Workshops – Looking for Your Interests”

  1. I am a Grade 10 Science Teacher in the Philippines. I am really an advocate of using web-enhanced learning activities in science. I have been using online treasure hunt activity more often in my lessons. I am also planning to design a webquest activity about my lessons in Biology. Thank you very much. Q

    • Dear Lea,

      Thanks & that’s great. It’s a good progression to get used to Treasure Hunts & then try a WebQuest. Let me know how it goes for you & your students. Tom

      • Good day! Thank you for your response. We learned about online treasure hunt and webquest from a seminar we attended way back 2006. Since then, me and my colleagues in school are using these activities. I also conducted an action research about the OTH. Based on my research, OTH has a potential in imrpoving the performance of my students. I also interviewed my students about their experiencebin using OTH. They all give a positive feedback. I am thinking of doing another action research. This time, it will be about Webquest. I am curious if you could share with if there is already a research conducted about webquests. With your permission, I will include it in my review of related literature. Thank you very much and God bless you.


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