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Getting Ready for Next Era Education

We now live in era when self-motivated students with digital devices can learn more on their own than in many schools. Society has changed around us, undermining cultures focused on standardised outcomes and the myth of uniform excellence.  In other words, a culture like “school.”  The world surrounding education has moved from a “one-size-fits-all” mentality to one where digital customisation enables a world “all-fit-to-one’s-size”.  Although education has tried many reforms in the past thirty years, all have been based on fixing a model designed for 20th Century realities that no longer exist.  It’s time to understand exactly where the old model is broken and to decide what’s needed for a new design.  Next Era Ed provides a comprehensive approach that allows all staff to support outstanding student achievement through a shared culture of inquiry, self-initiative and continuous improvement.  Find out how you can get started today!


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