WebQuests Day 1

Getting WebQuests

The following is a WebQuest designed to introduce educators to both the lived experience of a WebQuest as well as some of the challenges and opportunities we face in 21st Century schools.


“In the beginning, there was the computer, then the Internet (the Internet?).  In 1994, along came the World Wide Web.  Within 15 years a few things happened…”

Big Question

How should schools change to adapt to the 21st Century?

You have +45 minutes to immerse yourself in your role and begin addressing your task below.



Task: Given the changes in technology, how can it support school-based learning? (click to begin answering)


Task: Given expert opinions about the old and new ways of schooling, how do you think schools could / should change to suit the 21st Century? (click to begin answering)


Task: Given the changing landscape of global education, how could / should Australian schools change to suit the 21st Century? (click to begin answering)


Task: Given the new media and ways of expression, how could / should  learning be represented by Australian schools in the 21st Century? (click to begin answering)

Group Task

Now that you have been able to focus on one aspect that impacts learning and schools in this century, you need to bring this expertise together to answer the Big Question:

How should schools change to adapt to the 21st Century?

Your Team answer must include consideration of each of the four main areas.  In other words, the group response must be informed by an understanding of changes happening in the following four areas:

  • Technology
  • Pedagogy
  • Education
  • Creative Media

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creator / pedagogy / schools / technology

Your team can choose how to present your answer.  One suggestion is to create an Infographic. Here is a description of how to do it and here’s a tool you can use (Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 or use a whiteboard wall or?).

Presentation and Feedback

Each team presents their ideas.

Debriefing and De-constructing the “WebQuest”

Use this stixyboard to brainstorm your insights into the WebQuest process

Use the Comments link at the bottom of this post to give Tom feedback on how this experience was for you.




Next Steps – Homework for next week

  1. choose a topic
  2. brainstorm its related perspectives
  3. If you have time, begin looking for resources

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