ISV – 5 Day Series: Day 2

Enriching the Your Site

The main purpose of today is to explore Web 2.0 tools and resources that enrich your main online platform – for most of us this is our WordPress blogs.  There are a lot of great things to explore and get familiar with and immersing ourselves in this is the first purpose of the day.  The second is to brainstorm how you might use the construct of a “ClassPortal” to engage students in ongoing personal learning and knowledge-building.  Let’s get started!

Review Look to Learn

Before getting started on new things, let’s review the Look to Learn activity format and see if anyone had a chance to use it with students or colleagues.  Here are the Help Links again:

Adding Rich Feeds with NetVibes

Podcasting & Audio

Web 2.0 Tools Review

Social Bookmarking & Personal Research with Diigo


Participants Sites


Real, Rich and Relevant Group

19 thoughts on “ISV – 5 Day Series: Day 2”

  1. Would like to get an impression fo the plug ins for WordPress. We are trying to set up WordPress on our school server, so would also like some tips for this.

  2. Hi Tom
    Today I’d love to learn how to create integrated worksheets and activities- a cartoon with some questions online and getting students to comment online, a video clip they are to watch and then answer some questions online and post their comments. I would like time to also develop the blog also. perhaps develop a unit of work this session. (spend the day developing it?)

    • Hi Sophie, Sounds great. You can do all three at once: you will use the blog to post the cartoon etc. and this can build to a unit of work – all taking place in WordPress so you’re getting more familiar with it.


  3. Thanks for last session Tom. In between sessions, I created a few more pages which embedded information, pictures and links that are relevant to the topic. However, I’d like to learn to make this more interactive so that I can include tools which will encourage the students to think and reflect, rather than my WordPress just giving them all the information. I’d like to have spaces where they can share ideas and commment on each others.

  4. I need to practise working with WordPress as I forgot the steps involved in setting up student resonses.

  5. I would like to learn about the process of stimulating thinking routines as an introduction to a new unit on wellness in the LOTE, Indonesian, part of a new unit plan for next semester. Image to stimulate thought and response. creating magazine ” agony aunt” letter , email etc whereby students can respond to each other, role playing, offering advice.. AND/ OR Would like to further create an online activity multimedia usage about popular music in Indonesia, traditional etc with sound bites, ie from youtube looking at influence of westernisation in modern and popular music trends in indonesia.

  6. THe last session enabled me to discuss the issue of use of web technologies in our school and we have built up an account for the Arabic department and started to ceriate our own materials to share in our space. That was some thing we lak and really nead.
    What I need to add to my knowledge in this area is how to add podcasts & videocasts
    and how to design a quiz, test and online games. In addition to that I want to know how to share the markbook for example and receive comments from students on their marks without being able to change them (marks)


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