Real, Rich and Relevant – Day 1


Today is an important day as we begin another year-long, five-day series of workshops at Independent Schools Victoria. During the series we will develop a robust online presence to explore Web 2 applications and strategies like Looking to Learn, ClassPortals and WebQuests. Today people will begin by setting up a WordPress blog and finding Web 2 apps they want to try out with students.

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23 Responses to Real, Rich and Relevant – Day 1

  1. David Graham says:

    Looking forward to gaining an understanding of web 2 tools and how we could implement them in the classroom. Colleagues from school recommended this inservice and said there was a lot of great ideas put forward.

  2. Yasmine McCafferty says:

    I’d like an overview of what Web 2 has to offer and how I can apply it in my classroom. I’m particularly interested in using social networking in English classrooms, working towards some kind of blended learning in my units.

    • Sophie says:

      I am also interested in the social networking aspect and how this can be used in a constructive way to education and engage young people. Too many negativity has been placed on social networking and too little understanding exists of how innovative and engaging the process can be. It is an amazing way to encourage 21st century discussion!

  3. Graeme Young says:

    I am particularly interested in ways to incorporate technology in senior (Year 10-12) classes/teaching and learning.

    Currently Yr10 students are required to bring laptops to all classes. It is likely this requirement will be extended to Yr11 and 12 in the near future.

    • tmarch says:

      Welcome Graeme,
      I’m glad to see that you value supporting advanced learning through use of ICTs.

    • Sophie says:

      I am also interested in how we can integrate technology in our teaching practice in senior school

  4. Dale Sheppard says:

    Having ‘played’ around with a number of Web 2.0 tools, I thought it was time to get (a little bit) serious. A new role in ICT Curriculum was also a spark – I’m working at being one step ahead of the questions I am asked!

  5. Jamie Watson says:

    New and practical ideas to utilise within the classroom. More of an understanding of the future direction of Web 2.0

  6. Sophie says:

    I would like to be better able to integrate web based technologies in learning. I believe that 21st century teaching and learning must utilise the technology available to get the best educational outcomes for students. The information available on the web and the ability to synthesise a large load of information has been made easier thanks to technology and I would like to learn how to use this in terms of my teaching practice. At present, I do feel I under-use the technological innovations available.

    • Carol Drossos says:

      I agree with you, at times I also feel that I under-use the tech innovations available.

      • Yasmine McCafferty says:

        Me too. The challenge for me is actually continuing the implementation of ideas that I learn at workshops. I’m hoping that the regular meetings here will allow me to follow up more effectively.

    • HEATHER HARDIE says:

      Hi yes, looking to increase understanding of repertoire currently used to enhance learning!

  7. Andrew Schulz says:

    Currently teaching year 6 boys at PEGS. We have a class set of Apple Lap Tops which we share amongst 3 classes. We currently use imovie, pages and numbers for class activities such as making and editing movies, word processing in different styles, creating spread sheets for projects such as Share markets, for watching educational You Tubes and finally for research purposes. Hoping to learn anything new which will enhance the above or take me in any new directions.

    • tmarch says:

      Welcome Andrew, Sounds great with the laptops and the apps you’re using – the use of video will be a great match with what we are doing today.

  8. Carol Drossos says:

    I am hoping to revisit and consolidate my skills in applying web 2 tools to support and improve student learning, collaboration and sharing.

    • Yasmine McCafferty says:

      Yes Carol. It’s this collaborative aspect that excites me the lost. Very different learning from the isolated computer nerd stereotype that we all feared a few years ago!


    May 4, 2011 at 9:42 am I would like to be able to use a much greater range of technologies ie web 2 in my pedagogy of teaching LOTE and thereby provide greater stimulation and enhancement for my students across all years levels 7-12 that i teach currently. I would like to view how they can enhance their learning process through these processes and provide a richer learning experience for them,

  10. tmarch says:

    Review of the day:
    Everyone got some experience adding all media to a blog post: images, video, maps, polls and uploading documents. We then discussed Look to Learn activities, but had limited time to develop them. We also did not download Firefox and add-ons.
    We also did not explore using categories which will be easily understood once several more posts are made.
    Next session we should review and debrief WordPress basics and Look to Learn activities before checking out other Web 2.0 apps and getting into Day 2 activities.

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