Working with St Joey’s


Today I get to spend the day working with the staff of St. Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill, Sydney.

The main focus will be on supporting their 1:1 MacBook pilot and roll-out.  The challenges in such an endeavour and great, but even greater are the opportunities.  I have come to see that four key pieces must fit together to make the puzzle work.  These are:

  • Rich Online Routines
  • A Culture of Collaboration
  • An Approach to Self-managed Learning
  • An Empowered Vision of Curriculum

Ignoring any one of these will jeopardise success.  In fact, delete any one of them and technology may become the problem, not part of the solution.

My job is to persuade that this is true, to offer effective and rewarding strategies for each of the key factors and to encourage staff to create interpretations that will work at St. Joeys.

After the whole-staff presentation, groups will form by choice around the five main Digital Challenges I’ve put up for discussion.  Their ideas will be posted on a wiki that we will visit and can be a launchpad for future conversations and task teams.

Later, I will meet with a core team.  In anticipation of the kind of things that might come up in this session, I’ll offer the following links.


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