Edge-ucators: 2 Polls – Meeting time & platform

meeting time

Could you please indicate your preferred date and time:

web conferencing platform

Could you please indicate which Web Conferencing Platform.  Note: if we meet at 5:00PM and you are at school, will your network support Web conferencing?

4 thoughts on “Edge-ucators: 2 Polls – Meeting time & platform”

  1. If we go for an after school time, we will need to independently check that our school filters allow the software. I don’t know about everyone else but ours make some things very difficult.

  2. Skype is blocked at my school.

    Also – a MAJOR problem for me is the UNreliability of the internet connection at school. When we last met it was down completely, and for the last 3 days it has been SO slow that it’s been pretty much unusable (just fantastic for classes!!)

  3. I tried to set up an account in vyew but couldn’t work out which timezone to select (Australia North/South or Australia Sidney). Any suggestions?

  4. Skype is blocked at my school, at the moment. But Skype would be good for 8:30 sessions. Never used Vyew, and DimDim was a bit limited it seemed. So my vote is for Skype and 8:30pm.

    If school access changes so might I though.


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