New Tidbits on Apple Tablet

About a month ago the reality of the long anticipated Apple tablet was solidified when word got out that Apple had been talking with people like the NY Times to shape their content for an enhanced reader. Today the NY Times ran a short article confirming its part of the bargain and referenced the video below from Sports Illustrated / Time Inc.

To me this is – like the iPhone – a game changer that takes advantage of what is currently available (Kindle, Touch, NetBooks, Web 2 / AJAX) and puts the experience into a lovely package complete with interface tweaks we never knew we wanted.  When the Mac Tablet is made of bendable plastic, the game is over – Apple (and everyone) wins!

1 thought on “New Tidbits on Apple Tablet”

  1. I hope this tablet is as good as they say it will be. I think this could be a great product. Im kinda of excited to see if all the rumors are true that have been flying around for the bast few months. I think if I were to get one I would be hooked for life.


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