Curriculum Mapping in Melbourne

I’m fortunate to be working with ACEL and ASCD as they bring Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Ann Johnson to Australia to continue the introduction of Curriculum Mapping to our schools.  My perspective is that available technologies enable students to “side-step or super-charge” their learning.  The determining factor is a meaningful and individualised curriculum that engages intrinsic motivation and develops a culture of thinking.  My session is titled “Curriculum Mapping + Web 2.0 = Personal Learning” as I don’t think education stands a chance of taking advantage of digital technologies without better articulating and tracking individual student learning. Curriculum Mapping has to happen.

The following handouts accompany the session:

Finally – don’t miss the Conference Archive on Heidi’s Web site, for access to presentations, handouts, etc. A real treasure of support.

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3 Responses to Curriculum Mapping in Melbourne

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Tom,
    Looking for the resources from Melbourne and they aren’t posted yet. Cheers

  2. tom says:

    Hi Helen,

    Indeed the resources are in the list of links at the end of the post. Click on them and the Word doc will download. You can also download / embed the Flowgram by clicking on Share.

    All the best!

    Tom —

  3. Helen says:

    Gee thanks. They weren’t showing before, only code. I can see them now. Thx

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