Indie Film Winner shot with phones

This could be a great example of a new kind of knowledge. Over 1000 words captured from signs in Sydney and New York were combined with poignant music to great effect. This was both the Critics’ and People’s Choice winner.

Learning to Look Prompt: See – Feel – Do

  1. See – what do you see?
  2. Feel – what is the main feeling you had after watching the video?
  3. Do – what does this make you want to do?
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Tropfest NY 2008 winner, “Mankind Is No Island” by Jason van Genderen

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2 thoughts on “Indie Film Winner shot with phones”

  1. Hi,
    I tried this out today (with your prompts) with a few of my ESL classes (I work in a Chinese high school in Hong Kong). I found it a ‘rich’ source of material. My lower level kids said they saw ‘poor people’ and felt ‘sad’, but at a higher level you could ask some more critical questions about society. I could also see using it as vocab-rich intro to some ‘social issues’ themed lessons. (I’m trying to re-design part of the syllabus around vocab themes (vs grammar points), so that’s very useful).

    I have been using the podcast from my dad’s documentary project to stimulate discussion in some classes. You should have a look. He’s documenting a new experimental school in Canberra.

    They are great videos: bite-sized, rich. My kids love to see Aus kids learning Putonghua.

    yours, tanya.


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