Readers: the latest mashup?

Many would be familiar with Nicholas Carr’s recent article in The Atlantic Monthly.  Although Is Google Making Us Stoopid? really isn’t about Google, Carr bravely admits to the negative impact his many years of working on the Web have had on his attention span.  I’ve often reflected on similar shifts in my work patterns and cautioned against the lure of “intriguing ourselves to death.”  But the point of this post isn’t to debate Carr’s article.  What’s really cool is that as I surfed to the online version before my international edition arrived in Australia, I was greeted by the DiigoTraces of previous readers. 

I had been a Clipmarks evangelist this past year, but coming across other Diigoists’ comments on Carr’s article hooked me on Diigo.  As the community grows, it will be interesting to see if it develops as a thoughtful network.  

How about sharing your thoughts?