Welcome to “MyPlace”


This is the first public announcement of a new project. Targeting promotion of intrinsic motivation and critical thinking, MyPlace uses Web 2.0 technologies to enrich personal learning.

(Okay, so that last paragraph and image were a quick post made in the minutes before a presentation in Melbourne, Victoria. Thanks to the colleague who provided the nudge after noting the long-lingering New Year’s Eve posting.)

MyPlace is a multidisciplinary, multi-age project that attempts to provide a Real, Rich and Relevant learning environment for students.  Using the latest social-networking Web tools, the project invites students to find personal meaning in an exploration of what the world might look like for them.  Climate change, global economics, shifting demographics and geo-political tensions virtually guarantee that the world of our students’ early adulthood will be anything but predictable.

You are invited to explore the MyPlace site.  Contact tom at ozline dot com if you are interested in participating.  A Users’/Teachers’ guide blog also supports the site.

How about sharing your thoughts?