MS Still Not Getting it

Realizing that a culture of sharing can create overnight successes like YouTube, Microsoft has started to (sort of) sing a different hymn. Hoping to tap into all that teenage talent out there among young Gamers, Microsoft has created a new platform for developing Xbox 360 games. A quick look at any site that lets users hoist their work knows how active these can be. But here’s the old think – and it so dang obvious! MS is charging $99 (no, not $100!!!) for the developer’s software so that they can own the buzz from underage workers… Peter Moore, head of the games business at Microsoft, said,

My dream is that a high school student will get a royalty check from Microsoft some day for a game that sells on Xbox Live.”

Wow, and then maybe these kids can get a job as an Electronic Arts employee. And then maybe a “bright future” in the Hi Tech industry.

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