Travel Travails heading to Chicago

Standing five customers from the check-in counter at Sydney’s International terminal – crackle, poof, out go the lights. As reported in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, Airport blackout leaves passengers grounded. After an hour standing in place, a few of us got hand-written boarding passes and moved into the line for customs – fully two football fields long by this time. Eventually we were airborne by 1:45 PM – two hours late. This was just the two hours needed to make the connection to Chicago. Oops. I thought things were looking up when I was able to get a flght later in the day instead of the promised flight the next afternoon. This meant re-routing through Austin, Texas. Now the 6:37 PM is expected to be grounded until 10:00PM because of high winds in Chicago. I suppose a lot of ASCD attendees will be arriving weary from unexpected travel delays. Did someone say, “April Fools!” If only…. Did I tell mention that two ours ago – waiting in Austin – I realized that my hotel booking printout said “preview” where it should shown a nice bold confirmation number. Oops, my turn… Thanks to a wi-fi connection and some quick Internet surfing, I won’t have to join the homeless souls at Union Station.

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