JabberRumpus MonsterBumpus!?

Choose any or all the challenges below!

Challenge 1


  1. Make a sentence using words from above.
  2. Click on the words above or this link so that they make sense!
  3. See, isn’t that better? (made with Wordle)
  4. Guess at a feeling that is behind this strange poem.

Challenge 2

Watch the video below.

  1. What sense can you make of the words or feeling now?
  2. Why would people write a “nonsense poem?”
  3. Hint: Can the words you choose really explain emotions you may be feeling?  Try it.  Choose an emotion and write two sentences:
  • a serious sentence describing the emotion.
  • a “nonsenstence” (nonsense sentence) that gives a feeling without clearly saying words we all know.

Challenge 3

New Wild Things


  1. Listen and watch the Story
  2. What emotions do you think Maurice Sendak is bringing up in Where the Wild Things Are?
  3. Write a sentence about what Max is feeling.
  4. Why do you think Max visits Monsters?  Why not angels? clowns? giraffes?

Do you want to Watch the Trailer on YouTube

Additional Links

Challenge 4

  1. Flip through the book The Boy and the Monster
  2. If you wrote a book with Monsters in it, what kind would they be?
  3. What emotions would you include in your story?
  4. Do you want to take a turn publishing your own book with Tikatok?