Horizon International Bilingual School – Vietnam


I’m really looking forward to a long-term relationship with the Horizon International Bilingual School in Vietnam.  On Monday, 1 August we will work together withe staff from both the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh campuses.

This Web page will provide links to some of the activities and resources we will be using.

Morning Session

Activity #1 – What does great learning feel like?

Lunch Break

Activity #2 – Demonstration – Curriculum Design and Mapping in Edumate

  • I will move through how the Curriculum Design Module works to support what matters most to HIBS
  • Then relate this to the Learning Alignment System and review Scope & Sequence and Curriculum Portet

Refreshment Break

Activity #3 – Presentation and Review Teams

Activity #4 – an Overview of Edumate

  • Quick Tour:
    • Dashboard & Portal
    • Attendance and Learning Observations
    • Learning Tasks and Markbook
    • Academic Reports
    • Student and Parent Portals
  • “Closing the Loop” for continuous Improvement
  • Staying focused on the journey