Next Era Ed Readiness Check

How ready is your school for the Next Era of Education?

t_readiness-check-smallThis little tool provides “quick and dirty” feedback on how far your school is in the journey from 20th Century assembly line schooling to promoting your students’ personally meaningful learning.

The survey covers five main areas, one question for each: vision, curriculum, classroom practices, ICT integration and responsibility for learning.

After completing the short survey, you will get a customized response. If you would like to learn more or get an in-depth assessment as part of Tom’s Strategic Friend consulting all you have to do is ask.

Please answer honestly: your responses are anonymous and no personal details are retained.


Which of the options below is the closest description of your school’s vision or mission statement?



Which option most closely describes the curriculum of your school?


Classroom Practices

Which option most closely describes what happens in your school’s classrooms on a typical day?


Use of ICTs

Which option most closely describes how ICTs are integrated at your school?


Responsibility for Learning

Which option most closely describes how responsibility for learning is expressed at your school?


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