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Blogging in Schools & a Call for Focus

Some great press today about Blogging in Schools. I caught wind of it from ASCD’s Smart Brief who drew attention to an article in our very own Melbourne Age: The World Wide Classroom (April 17, 2006, The Age). The article … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder

Further confirmation that the “World is Flat”: According to the New York Times’ Steve Lohr, Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder. The globalization of work tends to start from the bottom up. The first jobs to be moved abroad are typically … Continue reading

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BBC NEWS Primer: The world is flat

Asking the question: “Globalisation may be unavoidable, but what impact will it have on our lives?” BBC NEWS presents the ideas of Tom Friedman as related to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. As Bill Gates said: It doesn’t … Continue reading

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