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Sociologists & Historians

What would Sociologists and Historians say about violence at schools? Your job is to represent this perspective, to become an expert at what has happened in the past and how society affects our schools and students.

You may choose to make up your own questions or use those provided.

  1. Who commits these crimes? Do they fit any pattern? Can anything be done to break the pattern or heal the individuals? Can copycats crimes be reduced?
  2. What is the influence of media on people? What are the ideas about how it relates to violence? Should anything be done? Is there any significant difference between watching real or virtual violence?
  3. What aspects are marketed or shown off to help sell video / computer games?

Your answers to these questions should help you take a position on the main question(s) listed below. Remember, your answers should reflect what Sociologists & Historians would think and feel:

Why all this violence in schools?!!

In other words...

  • Why does it happen?
  • Who is responsible?
  • How can we stop it?
  • How does all this relate to the world outside the school gates?
Use the links below to find answers. If you think you need more site to review, use the extensive Topic Hotlist and broaden your search. Especially look at the section entitled Shootings & Incidences.
Checklist of characteristics
regarding youth who have caused school-associated violent deaths

Clues to Identifying Violent Teens
NewsHour Interview with James Garbarino - RealAudio version available)

Keeping Schools Safe - avoiding copycat crimes
from NewsHour - May 3, 1999 (also in RealAudio)

A Deadly Trend?
three experts address this question on NewsHour

Was Columbine The Trigger?
from CBS

Growing Up Scared
from the Atlantic Monthly

Violence on Television
What do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do?

The Man who Counts the Killings
about George Gerbner, anti-fascist

Children and TV Violence
from The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

A Symbiosis of Sorts: School Violence and the Media
from Choices Briefs

Violent Video Games Can Increase Aggression
APA News Release - April 23, 2000

Wolfenstein 3D
from the 3D Realms Web site

Doom II - Killer Games
from id Software

The Realm of Mortal Kombat
from Jeff Greeson of


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