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Teenagers · Sociologists · Educators
Parents · Counselors · Politicians
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Individual Roles

Now that everyone on your team has mastered some background knowledge on the subject, it's time to return to the main question for this WebQuest and swing into action.

swing into action Questions as big and important as "Why all this violence in schools?", are better answered when a few people are working on it at one time. Things go even better when a group of you decide to look at the question from different perspectives. This way team members can become experts on different aspects of the question and then come together to pool their learning. This is where team work pays off. Are you ready to divide and conquer this question?

If you are using the standard WebQuest, use all or some of the roles listed below. Doesn't it make sense that the more perspectives you bring to the topic, the better your answer will be? So we suggest trying to have at least one person take on each role. Depending on how you want to organize your teams, two or more people could respresent each role.

If you would rather come up with your own roles and main question, then your team should switch to using the Unfolded WebQuest (coming soon!) where you make a lot of the process up yourself.

But if you want to use this standard WebQuest, choose your roles rom below and get to work!

Teenagers & Children

Sociologists & Historians

Educators & School Staff

Parents & Community Members

Counselors & Health Professionals

Politicians & Representatives

You can view a cluster chart
of the various issues involved in these roles


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