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School Safety WebQuest

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Little more was done than to copy and paste from Web pages. Not too much seemed to get into the brain.
Clear learning on the topic has taken place. There's an ability to discuss the topic using examples or evidence.
New information has been firmly connected to previous related knowledge. An easy use of evidence shows a sound understanding.

The group's decision seems more a mixing than a blending. Everyone's ideas are thrown together, not necessarily thought through. Still no "Slackers" on this team.
The group decision is based on clear understanding of all team members' persepctives and the decision works to balance them. Some weak spots may still exist.
This group decision is soundly reasoned and addresses key issues that make the topic a challenge to come to terms with.

The final work seems rushed or incomplete. Careless errors may confuse the audience.
Care has been taken to create a finished product. Few errors exist and these wouldn't be confusing.
Care and creativity make this an interesting and polished final work. The quality of the ideas is reflected in the product.


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