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Topic Hotlist / Research Assignment

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  • General Resources
  • Shootings & Incidences
  • Media & Cultural Influences
  • Bullying, Gangs & Youth Violence
  • Guns, Weapons and Protection
  • Teen Issues & Adolescent Development
  • Parenting & Community
  • Grieving, Coping and Carrying On
  • Strategies, Proposals & Solutions
  • Victims, Guestbooks & Memorials
  • Anarchy, Rebellion & Terrorism
  • Education, Pedagogy & Reform

  • Introduction

    Use the links below to explore the topic, your interests, and important questions your have. The Web will offer some unique resources that might not be available anywhere else so dig deep and see what you find. If you want some idea of what good exploring looks like, read the evaluation rubric. Don't forget than many other references and resources are available from libraries, media outlets, and in-person interviews.

    General Resources

    CNN In-Depth Special: Are U.S. Schools Safe?
    a mega site after the Columbine Shooting

    News Reports on School Violence
    Compiled by Yahooligans

    About School Violence
    a listing of perspectives from

    Stopping the Violence: An Upfront Online Special Report
    from the New York Times news magazine for teens

    Stop the Use of Child Soldiers
    from Human Rights Watch

    The History Place
    Child Labor in America 1908 - 1912

    Immaculata High School's Child Slave Labor News
    from the senior U.S. History II Honors class, taught by Miss Joann Fantina.

    Shootings & Incidences

    School shootings have high profile but occur infrequently
    from CNN

    Columbine High School - One Year Anniversary
    RealAudio file - NPR's Mark Roberts reports on the impact the Columbine High School shooting

    School Shooting in Santee - March 5, 2001
    RealAudio File - NPR's Robert Siegel reports on a school shooting in Santee, Calif.

    Preventing School Violence - March 04, 2000
    RealAudio file - NPR report on a school district that claims to be one of the more proactive districts in the country

    First-grader shot dead by classmate in Michigan school
    from CNN

    Oklahoma Boy, 13, doesn't know why he shot classmates
    from CNN - December 6, 1999

    School Shootings - Interactive Map
    Excellent quick overview from CNN

    Georgia teen to be tried as adult in school shootings
    from CNN

    'Mental breakdown' defense hinted in Georgia school shooting
    from CNN

    The Aftermath of the Columbine shooting
    from NewsHour

    A Deadly Trend?
    three experts address this question on NewsHour

    What's your reaction to the school shootings?
    from Cross Country Checkup - CBC RadioOne, Canada

    Colorado Shooting - A photo Journal
    from the Washington Post

    Sage, Ink Cartoon - Duck and Cover
    by Sage Stossel of the Atlantic Monthly on School violence

    Was Columbine The Trigger?

    The Injured - Columbine Massacre
    support & info on assistance funds

    Picture Moments - Columbine Remembered
    images from various sources

    Editorial Cartoons about School Shootings
    by all of the top cartoonists updated regularly

    3 Forsyth children arrested in plot to shoot third-grade classmate
    from the Billings Gazette

    Media & Cultural Influences

    Growing Up Scared
    from the Atlantic Monthly

    Violence on Television
    What do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do?

    The Man who Counts the Killings
    about George Gerbner, anti-fascist

    A Symbiosis of Sorts: School Violence and the Media
    from Choices Briefs

    Children and TV Violence
    from The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

    James Brown's got a brand new bag: School violence
    from CNN

    How Television Images Affect Children
    by Ron Kaufman of Kill Your Television

    Violent Video Games Can Increase Aggression
    APA News Release - April 23, 2000

    Video Games and Children
    ERIC - Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

    Virtual Violence
    from ABC

    Video games 'increase aggression'
    from BBC News

    3D Realms Site: Wolfenstein 3D

    Doom II - Killer Games
    from id Software

    The Realm of Mortal Kombat
    from Jeff Greeson of

    Advertizing on
    reaching teenagers thru ads

    Reflections on the events of September 11
    Scott Simon, host of National Public Radio's Weekend Edition.

    Bullying, Gangs & Youth Violence

    Checklist of characteristics
    regarding youth who have caused school-associated violent deaths

    Youth Violence
    ERIC Clearinghouse

    The Choices Initiative - CHOICES Briefs
    Seven briefs that detail strategies for helping

    When Teens Turn Violent
    Recognize the Signs Before It's Too Late - by Sharon Lewis

    7 Ways to Cope With Bullies
    Index from The Washington Post

    Survey: Serious violence at 10 percent of schools
    from CNN

    A Quiet Battle Against Gangs
    from the Washington Post

    Nearly 1 in 3 has bullied or been target
    from the Philadelphia Inquirer

    Comments on School Violence
    from US students, posted by NewsHour

    Clues to Identifying Violent Teens
    NewsHour Interview with James Garbarino - RealAudio version available)

    Violence and Discipline Problems in U.S. Public Schools: 1996-97
    from The National Center for Education Statistics

    Youth Violence - Panel of Experts
    from NewsHour - March 26, 1998

    Street Gang Dynamics
    By Steve Nawojczyk

    Preventing Conflicts & Violence
    from Good Character

    The 3 R's of Growing Up

    Dealing With Pressures

    Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying
    lampoon article from The Onion

    Dissecting Columbine's Cult of the Athlete
    from the Washington Post

    Guns, Weapons and Protections

    Kids and Guns - Common Sense Safety Tips
    (use poster as an example for Group Process - web sites?)

    Fact File - from Common Sense about Kids and Guns
    (Great for Affective)

    In the News - from Common Sense about Kids and Guns
    headlines and links to online articles

    School Shooting Prevention - Wednesday, March 14, 2001
    RealAudio file from Morning Edition - National Public Radio

    Gun Control History - Weekend Edition - Sunday, March 11, 2001
    RealAudio file - from NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr

    School shooting sparks gun control debate
    from CNN

    Industry -- but not NRA -- backs some restrictions on guns
    from CNN

    School violence needs radical solutions - anti gun control
    Bill Shipp is editor of Bill Shipp's Georgia newsletter

    1993 CDC Study: Teen Gun Deaths Hit New High

    Screener says detectors do not spot small knives
    from the Philadelphia Inquirer

    School Security Equipment and Technology
    from the National School Safety and Security Services

    School Security & Crisis Preparedness Training
    from the National School Safety and Security Services

    Scared or Prepared? Reducing Risks with School Security Assessments
    by Kenneth Trump, The High School Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 7, May/June 1999

    Hot Topics - School Safety and Violence
    from Education Week

    Districts should proceed cautiously on metal detectors (05/22/00)
    from the New York state School Board News

    How New York got safer schools
    from CNN Interactive

    Teen Issues & Adolescent Development

    Like it is
    Resource on teen issues from the UK

    Teen Brain Development
    links to online articles

    Are Teens Just Wired That Way?
    from the Washington Post

    Your Teen's Brain: it really is Different!
    by Barbara Cooke at

    Key Brain Growth Goes on Into Teens
    by Curt Suplee, Washington Post

    Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents
    by Anne Brown, National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression

    Behavioral Disorders: Focus on Change
    from KidSource OnLine

    USA: McDonald's Uses Sweatshop
    from CorpWatch

    Walt Disney and Slave Labor

    Disney store - Clothing & Accessories

    Factory children in Manchester 19th Century

    Workhouse Children 19th Century

    Child Labor

    Child Soldiers in Afghanistan

    Child Soldiers in Sri Lanka
    from the Society of Peace, Unity and Human Rights

    Drawings by former child soldiers in Sierra Leone
    from Amnesty International

    About Child Soldiers
    from Amnesty International

    Parenting & Community

    Talking with Kids
    from the Kaiser Family Foundation

    10 Tips for talking with kids about tough issues
    from Talking with Kids - Kaiser Foundation

    Raising Children to Resist Violence: What You Can Do - (for Parents)
    from the American Psychological Association

    Poll: More parents worried about school safety
    from CNN

    How to Teach Children About Living in a World with Violence
    from Scholastic

    Candidates for the teacher of the year award speak out on school violence.
    from NewsHour - April 22, 1999 (RealAudio available)

    Explaining Death to a Child
    from the William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

    Helping Children After a Disaster
    from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

    Grieving, Coping and Carrying On

    Grief and Coping - from Common Sense about Kids and Guns
    links to online news articles

    Family Stories
    links to online articles and postings

    Four Tasks of Mourning
    from the William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

    Learning to Manage the Loss
    from the William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

    Feelings/Experiences Which Commonly Accompany Loss
    from the William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

    Helping Children Handle Disaster-Related Anxiety
    from the National Mental Health Association

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    from the National Mental Health Association

    Helping Children Cope With Loss
    from the National Mental Health Association

    Columbine Remembered
    a memorial site for the 12 students and teachers killed

    Strategies, Proposals & Solutions

    Improving School Violence Prevention Programs Through Meaningful Evaluation
    Daniel J. Flannery - Kent State University and University Hospitals of Cleveland

    Exposure to Violence and Victimization at School - a systems approach
    Daniel J. Flannery & Mark I. Singer

    Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, and School Violence: A Systems Approach
    Peter T. Coleman and Morton Deutsche

    Stopping School Violence
    National Crime Prevention Council

    Early Warning, Timely Response
    A detailed & highly endorsed report from the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

    Making Peace -- Tips on Managing Conflict
    Tips for Doing it Yourself and Getting Help

    Guide for Preventing and Responding to School Violence
    comprehensive guide

    Panel probing school shootings finds no easy solutions
    from CNN

    Secret Service takes a crack at school violence
    from CNN

    Keeping Schools Safe - avoiding copycat crimes
    from NewsHour - May 3, 1999 (also in RealAudio)

    Innocence Lost - How should the legal system handle kids who kill?
    an expert panel discussion on NewsHour

    Gandhi's Views on Education
    from Mahatma Gandhi - his life, work & philosophy

    Mohandas Gandhi - Runner-Up Person of the Century
    from Time Magazine

    Photo Gallery
    Pictorial view of Gandhi's Life

    Pacifism is (Usually) Stupid
    By Brian Carnell

    Non-Violence: What Do We Mean?
    Links presented by the Free Cuba Foundation

    Peacemaker Hero: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    a project by students

    Nonviolence: A Way of Life
    from The King Center

    from The King Center

    Six Steps for Nonviolent Social Change
    from The King Center - requires flash & Real Audio

    Kennedy Speech on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Death
    reposted on private Web space

    Why even pacifists support this war
    by Scott Simon

    The Nonviolence Wheel
    from the Duluth Model, Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

    Violence Wheel - Simplified
    adapted by the SafetyNet site

    Non-Violence Wheel - Simplified
    adapted by the SafetyNet site

    Gandhi's 7 Blunders of the World
    by Mohandas K. Gandhi

    Victims, Guestbooks & Memorials

    Sympathy for School Killers?
    from CBS News

    The Robin Hood Hills Murders
    from Free The West Memphis Three

    Overview of the West Memphis Three - accused
    from the West Memphis Three Web site

    West Memphis Victims

    Guestbook for West Memphis Victims

    Brian Deneke Memorial Web site

    Articles about Brian Deneke

    Brian Deneke Case - All Things Considered 11-22-99
    National Public Radio Report - requires Real Audio

    Friends show grief in tattoos, concert
    related to Brian Deneke

    Nothing but Cheers, Wells and Tears
    first day back at Columbine

    Anarchy, Rebellion & Terrorism

    Sage, Ink Cartoon - Hard Lessons
    by Sage Stossel of The Atlantic on teen cliques & terrorists

    Burn the Schools-Save the Children
    compares schools and prisons

    What's Wrong With School? (Answer: Everything)
    by James Hutchings of Angry People (Australia)

    Ending Compulsory Education
    by Anarchy Youth

    Fighting back at School
    from Anarchy Youth

    Outcasts Go Underground
    USA Today report on High School Underground

    High School Underground

    Channeling Rebellion
    from High School Underground - Charles Platt

    How to Reboot America
    Suggestions by an Anarchist to avoid future Columbine massacres

    Airlines, passengers confront racial profiling
    from CNN / travel

    Interview with Osama bin Laden
    from PBS Frontline

    Day of Terror Story Archive
    Listing of articles from September 11, 2001

    World Trade Center Attack
    by George Weld

    World Trade Center Memorial photos
    by Jennifer Tracy

    School Violence - Society's Child
    posted by Stephen Stocker

    The War On Individuality Comes Home - Littleton Shootings Predictable
    by James Neff

    Terror Touches Schools
    an index of links from Education Week

    Police: Tampa flyer voiced support for bin Laden
    Report of Copycat suicide flight by 15 year old

    Teen pilot in Tampa crash had "sympathy" for Osama
    printed in the newspaper The Namibian

    Education, Pedagogy & Reform

    The Condition of Education 2001
    from the National Center for Education Statistics

    Quality of the Environment for Learning
    from The Condition of Education 2001

    Participation and Persistence in Education
    from The Condition of Education 2001

    Frequently Asked Questions on Topics related to Elementary and Secondary Education
    from the National Center for Education Statistics

    FAQ on School safety
    from the National Center for Education Statistics

    FAQ on Violence prevention
    from the National Center for Education Statistics

    Candidate George W. Bush on Education
    from Issues 2001

    Thoughts on Education & Real Books
    by John Taylor Gatto

    Schools Seen as Out of Sync With Teens
    article from Education Week - May 2, 2001

    Alternatives in Education - links
    provided by Teresa Gallagher


    Because anyone can publish on the Web, it sometimes reflects the chaotic, uneven, sometimes confusing world around us. By exploring the Web, you've journeyed into real learning where you must judge between fact and opinion, bias and insight, importance and insignificance. We hope you've added to the wisdom carried around in that head of yours. If you want to check yourself, take a look at the evaluation rubric for this activity. Either way, remember that understanding isn't a destination, but a journey. Have a great trip!


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