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Parents & Community Members

How would Parents & Community Members feel about violence at schools? Your job is to understand this perspective, to become an expert, knowing the concerns of people who may not be directly involved with schools, but who have a personal interest in what happens there.

You may choose to make up your own questions or use those provided.

  1. How would you feel being a parent of a student in schools today? How dangerous do you think schools really are? Try to understand what parents of all kinds of students would feel. What do you think should be the main priority of schools?
  2. What should parents know about talking with and supporting their children? What should community members know to better understand what teens go through?
  3. What influence do people think the media has on youth? What do experts say is the problem with video games? Does the community have a reasonable interest in limiting or censoring violence in the media? Do you think the individual's right or the community's safety is more important?
  4. What do you see as the main threats to children? Are any of these things that can be eliminated fairly easily? Are some children in greater danger than others? What should be done with children who are violent? What if these children were yours?

Your answers to these questions should help you take a position on the main question(s) listed below. Remember, your answers should reflect what Parents & Community Members would think and feel:

Why all this violence in schools?!!

In other words...

  • Why does it happen?
  • Who is responsible?
  • How can we stop it?
  • How does all this relate to the world outside the school gates?
Use the links below to find answers. If you think you need more site to review, use the extensive Topic Hotlist and broaden your search.
Talking with Kids
from the Kaiser Family Foundation

10 Tips for talking with kids about tough issues
from Talking with Kids - Kaiser Foundation

Kids and Guns - Common Sense Safety Tips
(use poster as an example for Group Process - web sites?)

In the News - from Common Sense about Kids and Guns
headlines and links to online articles

Raising Children to Resist Violence: What You Can Do - (for Parents)
from the American Psychological Association

Poll: More parents worried about school safety
from CNN

A Quiet Battle Against Gangs
from the Washington Post

Explaining Death to a Child
from the William Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

Street Gang Dynamics
By Steve Nawojczyk

Burn the Schools-Save the Children
compares schools and prisons

How Television Images Affect Children
by Ron Kaufman of Kill Your Television

Video Games and Children
ERIC - Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Your Teen's Brain: it really is Different!
by barbara Cooke at


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