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Rubric for
A Topic Hotlist / Research Assignment



No questions were raised to guide exploration. Any questions that did come up during research tended to only scratch the surface.
Some questions were raised before exploration began. Most of these questions involved a search for facts or right answers.
Several probing questions guided exploration into some of the more complex aspects of the topic. Questions evolved and grew more thoughtful through the process.

No clear process was used. Surfing, not researching, best describes the activity.
A process or step-by-step procedure was used to move the research forward. The process didn't change or adapt, but was more a recipe than a road map.
The process began with a clear purpose and intelligently followed good leads. The process was open to change and adapting based on new findings.

The learning outcome showed little benefit from research and didn't seem to change what was already known about the topic.
The learning outcome used newly acquired facts or examples. It's clear knowledge of the topic increased due to research.
The learning outcome revealed a deep understanding of the topic. Explanations or interpretations showed a grasp of the topic's complexity.


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