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Evaluation Rubric - How are you Doing?

RUBRIC beginning medium expert
Windows on
the World
The questions were answered, but don't hold up to further questioning.

Only one rule may have been written or three rules were written but they don't hold up to questioning.
The questions were answered in a thoughtful way.

At least two rules were written. They may predict or describe things that aren't terribly significant.
The questions were answered in a way that shows insightful thinking.

All three rules make sense and can be seen to work in a variety of settings.
The group's answer to The Big Question seems muddled. A lot of good ideas are floating around looking to relate to each other. The group's answer to The Big Question takes into account most of the "windows." Some of the relationships show a clear understanding of how the world works. The group's answer to The Big Question really brings together some key ideas about how the world works.
People didn't seem to work together as a team. A few may have dominated or no one really got involved in another's ideas. Some team members clearly worked well together. Some people got involved in each other's ideas. All team members worked well together. An enthusiastic exchange of ideas got people thinking both creatively and critically.

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