School Zone SignCrool Zone - a WebQuest Series on creating non-violent schools

Rubric for
Subject Sampler on School Safety Issues


No real exploration. Only a half-hearted attempt to look into the Web sites linked.
Some exploration of one or two sites. But no real drive to explore the topic more deeply.
An enthusiastic exploration of most of the sites on the page shows a drive to find out more.
Depth of

No personal connection to the topic was really made, just going through the motions.
A positive connection is shown, perhaps through a willingness to share or discuss the topic with others.
A strong personal connection is evident in the high level of enthusiasm displayed.

Little insight or buy-in shown during class discussion.
Participation in class discussion or other process shows some personal reflection and insights.
Sincere participation in discussion or other process shows a depth of connection and personal reflection on the topic.


Launched April 2002. Revised February, 2005.
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