School Zone SignCrool Zone - a WebQuest Series on creating non-violent schools

Rubric for
Reflecting on School Safety


Clarity of

Little attempt is made to help the reader follow the subject and paths of reflection.
Some attempts are made to help the reader follow the reflection, but the twists and turns are sometimes confusing.
Following the strands of reflective thinking is easy and enjoyable.
Depth of

No real reflection takes place. Most of the writing is a re-telling of what's been encountered or stating simplistic truisms.
Identification of a main abstraction and at least one path of reflection shows a mind at work.
Thoughtful questioning, exploration of the main abstraction, and sincere discussion of the reflective journey reveal a deep understanding.
Writing &

Little care shown in writing or mechanics. Unfocused paragraphs, sloppy sentences and/or careless descriptions confuse the reader.
Care is taken in the writing and some level of creativity and flair is evident in word choice and imagery.
Creative writing, a unique and engaging voice, and polished prose mark this as an outstanding piece of work.


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