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Rubric for
Hunting for School Safety


to Questions

Answers seem to be the result of a word search, not research. This is probably a copy/paste masterpiece.
The answers address the questions satisfactorily. There isn't too much interpretation or reading between the lines, though.
There's clear evidence that a brain was at work here! Some insightful interpretations and analysis went into the answers.
The Big

The response doesn't show any deeper understanding of insight into the key issues.
The response shows more thought and piecing together of important issues involved in the topic.
The response clearly shows a deep understanding of the topic and an ability to see connections and make comparisons.

No critiquing took place. It was assumed that every Web page spoke the truth and held a treasure chest of right answers.
Some critiquing was evident in the answers as sources, biases or agendas were considered.
An analytical critic explored these Web pages and revealed where some sources might present biased information.


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