Black History Treasure Hunt
an Internet-Based Treasure Hunt on African Americans

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Use the Internet links below to uncover some "Treasures" of African American history past and present. Each Resource Link is used once to answer one question. After finding all the answers, move to the Big Question to bring your ideas together in a broader understanding of the topic.

You can also try an interactive version of this quiz designed to help you formulate a thesis statement.


  1. In the years before Black History Month began to be celebrated, how often were African Americans lynched?
  2. How many million slaves did prominent abolitionist Frederick Douglass estimate there were in the years before the Civil War?
  3. When the conflict over abolition ended with the Civil War, what did demonstrators outside the White House say was the one thing more that they needed?
  4. Sixty years after the Civil War ended, what federal program helped to preserve the oral histories of people who had been slaves?
  5. Who came before Rosa Parks in protesting the segregation of public transportation?
  6. What was it that made Nat Turner lead his famous revolt in 1831?
  7. What famous black leader said, "over blacks must be their king, Not white, but of their somber hue, To rule a nation of themselves?"
  8. How does Martin Luther King Jr. think negroes in 1963 compare to slaves in 1863?
  9. What were the people at the Million Man March supposed to do right after they took the pledge?
  10. What's the last sentence of the poem recited at the inauguration of President Clinton? Describe the spirit behind it.
  11. Describe two habits of Nelson Mandela that show his serious dedication to achieving his goals.
  12. Who knew by the age of 10 that he wanted to be a revolutionary?


The Big Question

Look over all the questions above and your answers to them and state what you feel are the 3 - 5 main parts to the study of Black History.

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